On-site helicopter maintenance training


WestPoint Helicopters is located in Richmond, British Columbia.

We work directly with industry and deliver all our Type courses on-site with many operators and AMOs.  Our Instructors have many years of experience and are current on the type.

WestPoint Helicopter Industry Services can deliver type training anywhere in the world.

We have ongoing sponsor partnerships with:

  • Advantage Helicopters
  • Airborne Engines
  • Alpin Helicopters
  • Alpine Aerotech LP
  • Blackcomb Aviation
  • Carson Helicopters
  • Chinook Helicopters
  • Consolidated Turbines Specialists LLC
  • Cougar Helicopters
  • Eagle Helicopters Inc
  • Great Slave Helicopters
  • Helicopter Transport Services
  • Helitech Support Services
  • Omega Helicopters
  • Resource Helicopters
  • Skyline Helicopters
  • Talon Helicopters
  • Tasman Helicopters
  • Turbine Solution LLC
  • Valhalla Helicopters
  • Vancouver Island Helicopters (VIH)
  • Vector Aerospace
  • Wildcat Helicopters

If you are interested in sponsoring a type course and require additional information, please contact Laurie Watkins

(604) 271-4354 or email lwatkins@westpointheli.com